Somatics: Smart Movements for Body Freedom

08.12, godz. 10-13 |  AWA Studio, ul. Poznańska 38/16, Warszawa

How wonderful it is to feel Home in your Body and fully enjoy its abundant potential for movement!

Would you like to experience comfort throughout the day? Are you tired of tension and pain after long hours of sitting in front of the screen and dealing with stressful situations? How about your progress in meditation, yoga, fitness or dance classes? Do you believe that it is possible to have better results without much effort? 

Get a simple and clear instruction on how your body and nervous system function to apply neurophysiology in daily life. Master a soft somatic practice, which rewires your brain in a new effective way, based on SMART movements:

  • Slow
  • Minimal
  • Attentive
  • Releasing
  • Transformative


This introductory workshop will lead to comfort and better movement in hip joints, shoulder joints, lower back and neck! We will practice lying down on mat, sitting and walking. 

We will focus on:

  • Refining proprioception (the ability to sense your body inside and in space)
  • Developing movement awareness (noticing and changing ineffective patterns)
  • Releasing chronic muscular tension, tiredness and pain
  • Improving posture and body ergonomics for sitting long hours
  • Increasing mobility and flexibility without intense training or stretching
  • Enhancing results in other activities like mindfulness, yoga, dance, sport etc.
  • Mastering a smart approach to self-care and personal growth

Warsztat będzie prowadzony w języku angielskim i w całości tłumaczony na polski.


Somatics is a method based on neuro repatterning through mindful movements.  The secret is that we slow down, do less, only within our comfort zone with no pain or effort. We also use attention and awareness as our transformational tool. Somatics is easily integrated into life in the form of short movement sequences, which you can use in any time and place.

Somatics or Somatic Education is a general term used to identify common ideas shared by Feldenkrais Method, Hanna Somatics, Laban Movement Analysis and Bartenieff Fundamentals, Ideokinesis and BodyMindCentering, Embodiment and Non-verbal Communication and many other modalities.


Kateryna Vashtalova

Kateryna Vashtalova

Physical therapist, certified somatic educator.

Founder of ?Embodied Freedom? School and ?SUN: Somatic Universe Network?.

12 years of experience in body-mind field and 7 years in Somatics.

More info: Embodied Freedom


Regular price: 100 PLN / 25 EUR
Early Bird discounted price (till 26.11): 80 PLN / 20 EUR
For students attending classes in AWA Studio: -10 PLN (applies to both of the prices above) 

PAYMENT methods 

  • Cash or credit card at the Studio (ul. Poznańska 38/16, Warsaw)
  • By bank transfer:
    • Ochota na Jogę
    • for PLN: 75 1140 2004 0000 3402 7717 2534
    • for EUR: PL08 1140 2004 0000 3412 0608 5510
  • Online through the reservation system 

Caution: only an ADVANCE payment of at least 30% CONFIRMS the reservation.

How to REGISTER? Look at the schedule: https://app.fitssey.com/awastudio/frontoffice#filters:2019-12-02,0 and find appropriate block to click on. If you meet the conditions for the discount and decided to make an online payment through the reservation system, ask for the discount code first :)



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